Drywall metal systems 


Through a consistent and continuously rising course since its founding up to the present day, Almatec Profiles managed to earn significant market share in field of metallic profiles for dry building ceilings and plasterboard partitions. With the available know-how, the excellent quality of its products and the immediate service as the company’s main characteristics, Almatec Profiles created a comprehensive corporate character developing longstanding and strong relationships with all of its partners, both in Greece and abroad.


Almatec Profiles is specialized in the production of metallic profiles, which are one of the most important elements in dry construction. Their applications cover a wide range of uses in the construction of furred ceiling, wall partitions, heat and sound insulation and any other constructions that needs a modern aesthetic and general everywhere that dry building can give the solution for the construction. All of our products are made out of specially processed galvanized steel sheet metal (DIN 18182, EN 14195), in order to achieve maximum endurance in corrosion and on the most extreme weather conditions. This way, our products are designed to be friendly to installer’s and make their job more effective and easier.


Almatec Profiles is accommodated in self owned facilities, with large capacity warehouses for the effective service of its customers. The special specifications that are required for the production of metal profiles, are a combination of hi-end machinery and advanced methods of production, certified officially, by CE and ISO 9001:2008 testimonial, ensuring the excellent quality. In addition, the value of staff in our company holds a principal role. It consists of people with the appropriate technical constitution and great experience in production of drywall metal systems.